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Multicultural center - Timișoara

Refuncționalizare clădire din funcțiune de spital în clădire cu funcțiune de spațiu multicultural See project Multicultural Center

Road Infrastructure - Reșița

Design and execution of works for "Arrangement of bicycle paths and pedestrian alleys" See project Reșița

I.C. Brătianu College

Rehabilitation of facades and frames (building 1 - Ds + G + 2E; building 2 - B + G + 2E, building 3 -Ds + G + 3) See project College Brătianu


Special constructions - Construction of storage tanks for agricultural products
See project CEREAL DOCKS

Nikolaus Lenau High School

New construction - Construction of Building 2 of the "NIKOLAUS LENAU" Theoretical High School in Timisoara See projects Lenau High School

The Roman Catholic Dome

Rehabilitation of the building - Renovation and preservation of the building of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Timisoara See project DOME

Timiș County Council

Reconditioning and rehabilitation of the facade and furnishings of Timiș County Council. See project CJ TIMIȘ

Church of the Holy Martyr Dimitrie

Church consolidation, restoration and preservation
See project CHURCH


New construction - Construction of administrative-commercial building See project ROLLING


New construction - Construction of warehouse hall with related offices See project ROMPRIX

Discount BANK

Restoration of the building - Restoration of the building and facade of the former Discount Bank See project BANK

Roman Catholic Diocese

New building - Construction of S+G+1F service house, garage and enclosure See project DIOCESE

The Saint Florian monument

Preservation - restoration of Jimbolia historical monument
See project MONUMENT

Wastewater network - Biled

Extension of wastewater network in Biled
See project BILED